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In the Dietrich Cycle, Mimung is the sword of Witege. It was forged by his father Wayland the Smith (Volund) and given to Witege along with a suit of shining armor, a great helmet named Limme, and a strong spear.

Witege did not have his father's love of the forge and instead desired adventure. Hearing of the fame of Dietrich, the Prince of Bern he decided to challenge him in single combat. On the way to Dietmar's Court, he met up with Hildebrand and Heime, who were friends of Dietrich and also headed there. They shared a camp, and after hearing Witege's purpose, Hildebrand replaced Witege's sword Mimung with his own while Witege slept.

They met Dietrich the next day, and upon hearing that the son of a smith dared to challenge a prince, Dietrich boasted that he would slay the young man for his boldness. Witege proved a capable fighter, and struck Dietrich a strong blow the head. However, the prince was protected by his magical helmet Hildegrim, and Witege cursed his father for giving him such a weak sword, not knowing that it was stolen the night before.

Impressed with Witege's skill, Hildebrand urged the king to stay his hand and convince Witege to join Dietrich's court as a knight. However the prince, already angry from being challenged by a commoner, was even more furious of his skill and would not relent. Hildebrand decided to reveal his treachery and returned the magical sword Mimung to Witege.

With his father's blade, Witege renewed the attack and managed not only to wound Dietrich, but to destroy his magical helmet Hildegrim. Hildebrand finally convinced the two to stay their hands and Witege became one of Deitrich's knights. They became fast friends, but the prince was still displeased to be beaten by a commoner. He resolved to seek further adventure so that his fame would not be sullied by such an event.

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