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In the Dietrich Cycle, Naglering is the sword of Dietrich, the Prince of Bern. It was originally forged by the dwarf Alberich for the giants Grim and Hilde. While out hunting one day, Dietrich managed to spot and capture Alberich, who promised him much treasure including the sword if Dietrich would but spare his life. In order to obtain the treasure though, he would have to kill Grim and Hilde.

After securing Alberich's promise, Dietrich let the dwarf go free. Alberich snuck into the great mountain cliff where Grim and Hilde lived and stole the Naglering from them. He then delivered it to Dietrich, who with the help of his friend Hildebrand, went on to kill Grim and Hilde for the treasure which included the magical helmet Hildegrim.

In the Norse version of the story, the Thidrekssaga, it is called Naglhring and its owner's name was Thidrek. He eventually gave the sword to his friend Heimir (Heime) after he defeated Ekka and took his sword Ekkisax for his own.

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