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Tyrfing is a magic sword in Norse mythology. It was forged by the dwarves Dvalin and Durin under duress by Svafrlami, the grandson of Odin. He managed to trap them, and forced them to forge a sword of immense power. They acquiesced, however the two dwarves cursed the sword so that every time it was unsheathed it would kill a man, including Svafrlami himself. Tyrfing has a golden hilt, and it will never miss a stroke, nor rust. Also, it can cut through iron and stone with great ease, as if it were cloth.

The sword is mentioned in several Norse stories, and is responsible for many deaths. In Svafrlami's encounter with the berserker Arngrim, his hand was cut off and he was killed with his own sword. Arngrim passed Tyrfing down to his sons. They were all killed in battle by the Swedish champion Hjalmar, but he was wounded by the sword and also died. Arngrim's granddaughter Hervor recovered the sword and gave it to her son Heidrek. When her other son Angantyr wished to see it, Heidrek unsheathed it and due to the curse, killed his own brother.

Heidrek became king of the Goths but was assassinated by his own men, who stole the sword. His son caught and killed those responsible, and recovered it. As the next king of the Goths, he used Tyrfing to defeat a numerically superior army of the Huns led by his half-brother Hlod who attempted to usurp the throne.

The entire story of the sword is called the Tyrfing Cycle, which spans several works including the Poetic Edda, The Waking of Angantyr, and the Hervarar Saga.

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