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Moro Kris
Location: Philippines

The kris is an asymmetrical double edged sword that can be wavy or straight, and doubles as a talismanic object and a status symbol. The kris was part of a man's dress and to be without one was like being naked.

The typical sword is between 18 and 26 inches long, and is used only for slashing. The tip of the sword is rounded, which precludes stabbing attacks. The hilt is typically made of a hardwood and wrapped.

In war, it was usually preferred to have a straight blade. Wavier blades required more skill to wield, but it was believed that they also increased the wielder's talismanic power.

The Moro kris differs from the Indian kris. The Moro kris is a sword, while the Indian kris is a dagger. In Southeast Asia, the Indian weapon is called a keris, not a kris. The western world calls it a kris, which is the source of the confusion.

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