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Location: Iberia (ancient Spain)
Common Construction: Iron

The falcata is a forward curving sword with a concave edge for the first two thirds, and a convex edge at the top. It is a chopping weapon much like an axe, and it excels in this regard. The term "falcata" is a modern term, and the sword does not seem to have an ancient classification. It is difficult to tell whether falcatas are referred to in ancient texts and therefore the time period in which it was used is partially obscured. It was mostly likely developed in the 6th or 7th century BC and used into the 4th century BC. The sword bears many similarities to the Greek kopis, and it is not certain whether the swords developed from one another or independently.

The falcata was made of unusually high quality iron, which was quite rare during this time period. The metal was buried for several years which allowed the lower quality portions of the metal to corrode, and the remainder was used to create the blade. Once completed, the falcata was intentionally bent, and if it returned to its natural shape it was considered a quality sword.

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