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Time Period: 18th century to present
Location: Worldwide
Common Construction: Steel

The epee is a fencing sword, with a heavier blade and larger hand guard than the foil. Epee fencing is different from foil fencing in the fact that there is a limited amount of body contact allowed and the entire body is a valid target area. Additionally, the first hit counts regardless of "right of way" rules. Epeeists are quick to point out that fencing with an epee is the fencing style that most closely resembles an actual duel.

In the 19th century, the social connotation concerning duels changed slightly. Defending ones honor was still well and good, but the part about one duelist always being killed did not sit right. The rules of engagement were modified to allow the duelist that drew first blood to be declared the victor. This meant that a nick to the wrist or hand could end the duel, and the epee has a larger handguard as a result.

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