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Kris Taming Sari

The Kris Taming Sari is the dagger of Hang Tuah, the most famous figure in Malaysia's history. Hang Tuah lived in the 15th century and earned a place in the Sultan's royal guard by killing a group of pirates and saving an entire village.

He eventually became a "laksamana" or admiral and travelled with the Sultan everywhere he went. During one such visit Hang Tuah was challenged by a famous Majapahit warrior named Taming Sari. After defeating the warrior Hang Tuah was rewarded with his dagger, the Kris Taming Sari.

The dagger is said to provide the owner with invincibility (Although it is not clear why the original owner was not protected from Hang Tuah) and whenever the owner is in danger the kris flies out of its sheath and moves through the air, attacking anyone trying to harm its master.

Both Hang Tuah and the Kris Taming Sari had many adventures in Malaysian history and literature, and after his death ownership of the kris passed between many noblemen before finally becoming part of the State Regalia of Perak where it remains today.

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