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Sallet (also known as Salade)
Time Period: 15th century
Location: Northern Europe
Common Construction: Steel

The sallet was popular in parts of Europe during the 15th century. Its usage was restricted primarily to Northern European states such as Germany, in Italy the more popular helmet in use at the time was the barbute.

Sallets were typically forged out of a single piece of steel, and provided superior head protection for the time period. The term "black sallet" refers to helmets that were painted black to prevent the helmet from rusting. They were constructed in the same fashion as a regular sallet.

The sallet does not cover the neck and chin and therefore was commonly worn with a bevor. The bevor extended up to the lower lip, and no breathing holes were required in either piece. In the early 16th century the sallet declined in popularity in favor of the burgonet. Strictly speaking the sallet with a bevor provided better protection, but at the cost of visibility and increased weight.

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